When Asset Management Connects With Social Media

When Asset Management Connects With Social MediaSocial media marketing is increasingly becoming popular and all industries. Real estate and asset management companies are using social media to build connections and communicate with their clients.

The proliferation of mobile devices has made social media a primary communication avenue between companies and customers. Hundreds of asset management companies’ employees connect to each other via sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Predicting the future of social media is not easy. A few years ago, the industry did not exist, but now, it is evolving so quickly that individuals and organizations cannot keep with its pace.

Authorities overseeing asset management operations no longer face a challenge with communication and tracking updates. Social media centralizes information that is readily available to all other employees. Employees can get work updates just by looking at what their workmates have updated on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter.

Employees only need to create username and password on the social media network preferred by the company to access content such as operating procedures, trends in asset management, photos, training videos, information sheets and so on.

Communication has been made easier since data is hosted in the same platform. Asset managers no longer have to sit in closed rooms for hours holding in-person meetings. The number of emails sent from one employee to another has also drastically reduced.

Various aspects of asset management can be integrated in social media. Energy consumption monitoring, asset sustainability, data acquisition and supervisory duties, fund distribution, billing management and other tasks can all be done via social media platforms. Companies combine business tools and social communication in the newly adopted and secure cloud environment.

Social media offers asset management companies a direct and inexpensive way to connect and build trust among authorities and employees, companies and clients and other groups.


Pradeep Kolanu is the Manager of A-Mantra, a facility management software company under SatNav Technologies. A-Mantra offers effective facilities management, building management, property management, space management, maintenance management and asset management solutions to customers. Google+

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