Integrating Asset Management for Business Growth

Integrating Asset Management for Business GrowthOrganizations everywhere are looking for ways to make their business more efficient and with the assimilation of asset management; it seems that this is possible. This software offers a support system and data inventory where tenant billing, expiry dates, lease agreements, photos, help desk and vendor inventory information can be attained instantly.

The Basics of Asset Management
Asset management is beneficial for predicting future maintenance needs and the information contained within this software can be utilized to determine redistribution, inventory and purchases. Organization standards can be maintained with this software, but it has not yet been integrated into Software as a Service (SaaS) models.

The following business applications currently use SaaS:

  • Accounting
  • Content management
  • CRM
  • Office and messaging software
  • Service desk management
  • Virtualization

 When considering combining asset management with SaaS, you will probably wonder whether or not this is a practical approach. To find out if it is a viable business tactic, you should focus on the benefits of using it on the SaaS model.

Benefits of Asset Management

  • It offers simple decision-making through the ability to assign privileges on existing SAP or HR data.
  • Communications become more efficient, because information can be accessed and shared promptly.
  • Companies can avoid the unnecessary forfeiture of data and use the software controls to track the knowledge of experienced staff.
  • Eliminates the need to complete tedious record keeping duties.
  • The software complies with regulations and standards, and all information can be obtained from the protected digital database.

Mental Analysis
This is clearly a feasible option for economic growth, but there are some considerations to review. The main trial lies in network discovery, which is available in two approaches: agent or agentless.

While the agent approach requires the installation of software programs (agents), the agentless approach embraces the collection of data from computers without software. Commercial products that function with agentless asset management include SNMP, CIFS, WMI, SSH and DTrace.


Pradeep Kolanu is the Manager of A-Mantra, a facility management software company under SatNav Technologies. A-Mantra offers effective facilities management, building management, property management, space management, maintenance management and asset management solutions to customers. Google+

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